Which ones?

Quite honestly I’m not a big advocate for players under the age of 13 attending many college camps.  They’re not cheap.  Take her to the local college as a reward or to see if it motivates her to practice and encourages her to dream.  High school age players need to figure out first what their major may be in college.  If your daughter wants to major in nursing, don’t take her to a business school’s camp.  I would stay away from team camps too.

A big part of determining which camps to attend comes from doing research.  You and your daughter need to find colleges that have her major and fit your budget.  It’s something you should work out together.  The cost of sending her to college is going up every year.  Out of state tuition is typically double the price.  Often D3 and some NAIA or private colleges are even more expensive.  And how far away from home is your daughter willing to be or are you willing to allow?