What is a College Softball Camp?


There are three types of camps that college softball programs put on: All Skills, Specific Skills & Team.  An All Skills camp is generally open to all ages and provides instruction and practice for all aspects and positions in the game.  Specific Skills camp examples are Hitting only, Pitching & Catching and Defensive only.  Sometimes all three of these will be scheduled on a single day back-to-back-to-back, where a player may choose to participate in more than one.  Team camps are where your team signs up for a series of scrimmages and are coached by the college players.  Instruction is provided by coaches and players, but it’s mostly about playing games.

Over time your daughter (and you) may receive camp brochures and emails about upcoming camps she might be interested in attending.  No, this does not mean she’s being recruited by that college.  It means she is on a mailing list, which is likely from being registered through ASA, NSA, etc.