After She Has a List of Schools She’s Interested in…..Then What?

So, once you’ve figured out what schools your daughter is interested in that offer her major, you research their softball programs and camps.  You can either take a chance and sign-up hoping to be noticed or you can (try to) contact the coach to see what their recruiting needs are prior to paying.  However, if you call the coach and they do not answer, the rules can prevent them from replying to your message.  The same is true if they cannot reply to your email.  The same rules apply to parents.

This very reason is why I act as an advocate for my players.  Coaches can reply to my emails, voice messages and text messages.  I can call them and they can call me anytime with few restrictions.  I ask my players to inform me of the camps they are planning to attend.  Sometimes I suggest camps to them as well.  Then, I either call or email the coach about the player.  Some coaches are better than others when it comes to being available, answering phones or replying to emails and voice messages.  It can be very frustrating.

Prior to considering which colleges and camps to attend, I give my players an assessment of what level of college softball they might have the potential to play.  Sending a player to a D1 camp, when I see her as NAIA talent is a waste.  And if I were to contact the coach about her, it would ruin my credibility.

When I communicate with coaches, I ask what their recruiting needs are.  A typical response is: “We are done with 2017’s now, looking for a 2018 pitcher and corner infielder and wide open for 2019’s.”  This is great information to know, which can save my players time and their parents money if they aren’t what the coach is looking for.

It also encourages those who do fit the needs of the coach to get to the camp and make an impression.  If I have a player I believe has the potential to play at the level the college is at, I will tell the coach so and give them my opinion of the player’s abilities and/or send them a link to their skills video.

After the camp I ask my players to let me know how it went.  I follow up with the coaches to see if they are interested and to what degree.  I then talk with my player and/or her family to let them know where she stands.  They can either scratch one off the list and look elsewhere or pursue whatever the opportunity might be with this school.